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Austin Kleon on the need to gain a sense of ownership over our online lives: “Back [in 2013], the worst I felt social media did was waste your time. Now, the worst social media does is cripple democracy and ruin your soul.”

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via Daily Prompt: Inefficient

being a novice in daily prompt writing, but the topic is very interactive and make me feel.

In simpler word, inefficient is the wasting of time or failing to make the best use of time or resources.

Now its the capacity of all being a good gentleman and i believe that it is inside to all of us but just a matter of confidence to make it out under certain circumstances…

you can be self efficient by judging yourselves that  in how well you can execute courses of action required to deal with prospective situations. it is powerful if we personally judge ourselves to the right else it can leads you towards failure…



# The most burning question of today is the security. This is also a hot topic in IT , how to safeguard the devices , how to prevent data theft, data leak and data more secure in portable devices as well...

USB Lock is the solution of this problem. It is a plug and play app that locks the data in all operating systems with out any installment or administrative rights required.
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